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EP 24 | Advanced Deer Hunting Tactics With Casey Keefer

It's the Rut and we are heading to Michigan. On this episode Casey and I are in the truck heading to Michigan and we decide to record a podcast. This podcast will be information overload, so your going to want to have a pad of paper and a pen to take down some notes. Oh and I almost forgot we have a surprise encounter with Shakes a 190 inch deer in Kansas so don't miss that story as well. Enjoy!!

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EP 23 | B.S. Session With The Red Beard Himself Casey Keefer

On todays episode Casey and I are in Kansas and we take a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite hunts we've been on together. We also dive in to what we are doing here in Kansas, the deer we are chasing and some tactics that he likes to employ when it comes to calling deer. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it. 


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EP 22 | Adam Miller and John Boersema From Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast

On todays episode I sit down with Adam and John from Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast. This is basically a big BS session but we hit on a lot of good topics relating to whitetail hunting, elk hunting and filming your own hunts. Enjoy!!!


Talking Points 

Michigan Antler Point Restrictions

Michigans Deer Herd

Filming your hunts

Whitetail Hunting

Bow Setups

Michigan Deer Camp Traditions

Out of State Hunting Trips

UP Hunting

And Much More!!! 


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EP 21 | The Story Of Jim Abbott

On this episode I'm joined By Justin Fabian as we talk about our whitetail season to this point. Justin talks about his quest to kill his first public land buck in Iowa and I had a great encounter with the oldest deer on my farm last weekend. I hope you guys enjoy. 

EP 20 | Early Season Success With Jake Ehlinger

Two years in a row Jake Ehlinger has figured out the biggest deer on his Michigan farm and harvested him. This story is one you wont want to miss. Enjoy.


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EP 19 | Scent Control and Habitat Management with Jake Ehlinger

On this episode I sit down with Jake Ehlinger from Habitat Solutions 360. I wanted to pick Jake's brain on his scent control routine and dive into his habitat business. Jake has a ton of experience in the whitetail woods and really knows his stuff when it comes to setting up farms and figuring out mature whitetail bucks. Thanks for all od the support and downloads.

EP 18 | Everything from Public Land to Traditional Archery with Josh Profitt

On this weeks Podcast I'm joined by Kentucky Native Josh Profitt. Josh and I talk about hunting public land, shooting traditonal archery and using Trail Cams to figure out mature preasured bucks. We wrap it up with a cool story Josh dives into about the buck he was able to kill last year with his recurve on Public Land.


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EP 17 | Hunting Big Woods With Greg Litzinger

On this episode I'm joined by New Jersey bow hunter Greg Litzinger. Greg is a master when it comes to finding buck beds in big woods settings. Greg is know for setting up on these beds and killing bucks on their way back. You don't want to miss this one.


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EP 16 | Building the best bow for hunting with Bobby Vargas From PSE Archery

On this episode, I sitdown with Bobby Vargas from PSE. We talk about a lot of things pertaining to archery and bowhunting. Bobby really opened my eyes on the myths of brace height and how you don't need a big brace height to have a smooth forgiving bow. Make sure you have something to take notes on because there's a lot of information. Thanks for listening.


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EP 15 | Saddle Hunting With Greg Godfrey

On this episode I sit down with Greg Godfrey of Tethrd Nation and we talk about everything there is to do with hunting from a saddle. Greg has been hunting from a saddle for years and he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these things. I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.


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EP 14 | Leaving Your Biggest Buck Over Night With Brandon Leon

On this epsiode I sit down with Michigan bowhunter Brandon Leon. Brandon killed his biggest buck to date last year and it didnt come as an easy task. Brandon has a story that is one of the crazieset stories that I've heard in a while. This is one that you dont want to pass up. Thanks for listening.


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EP 13 | White Gold Deer Feed With Gabe Seibt

On this episode I sit down with Co - Owner of White Gold Deer Feed, Gabe Seibt to talk about the prodcuts that White Gold produces. We also take a trip down memory lane when Gabe talks about his 2017 Missouri Buck. Thanks for listening.


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EP 12 | Drew Walter From Wild Edge Inc.

On this episode I'm joined by Drew Walter owner of Wild Edge Inc. Drew has a product called the Steppladder "The Ultimate Climbing System"  that in my opinion is the best way to get in a tree to hunt. Drew goes in depth on each product that he offers and how to use each product the correct way. For everyone thats never heard of Wild Edge Inc. go check them out. Enjoy!!

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EP 11 | Three 200 Inch Deer With Caleb Byers

On today’s episode, I sit down with Iowa big buck killer Caleb Byers to talk about not one…not two…but THREE 200-inch deer that he’s dropped. Caleb is nothing but a machine when it comes to whitetail hunting. Year in and year out, he gets it done on big whitetails. We also dive into tactics and scouting methods that Caleb uses every year to be successful in the fall. His stories aren’t ones you’ll want to miss! If you like what you’re hearing here on the Fall Podcast, head on over to iTunes and give us your rating and feedback.


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EP 9 | Everything Trophy Taker Has To Offer With Lucas Mashtare

Happy 4th of July everyone. On this episode I'm joined once again by Lucas Mashtare from Arcus Hunting to talk about Trophy Taker and everything they offer as a brand. This one is a little shorter episode but it has a lot of information about the products that Trophy Taker is developing every day for us hunters. Enjoy!

EP 10 | 283 Inches In One night With Aaron Swan

On this episode I sit down with Aaron Swan, a Central Michigan Native who had a night to remember on October 4th 2017, when he killed two bucks totaling 283 inches only 50 minutes apart. This story will go down as one of the best nights any hunter has ever had in one night. Thanks for listneing.


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EP 8 | A 3 Year Quest For a Missouri Monarch With Stephen Stockman

Happy hump day everyone. On today's episode, I’m joined by a good friend of mine, Stephen Stockman. Stephen was born and raised in North Central Missouri, where he still lives today. This episode we dive into Stephen’s approach to breaking down pieces of ground, having the ability to find the biggest deer on the farm, and how to hone in on bucks core areas. We also break down his three year quest after an old Missouri Monarch he coined “Boomerang”. This is a really laid back episode that you don’t want to miss.

EP 7 | Kevin Vistisen Of The Deer Hunter Podcast

On this episode I’m joined by Kevin Vistisen of The Deer Hunter Podcast to talk about a variety of things. We dive into mobile setups on public land and we hit on baiting for deer in Michigan. Kevin also breaks down what he looks for when he heads in to public land to set up, he also throws in some tips and tricks he uses when entering public land. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to public land mobile setups and he gives a lot of information that will be useful to anyone looking to hunt public or private land.


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EP 6 | Rut Success with Run and Gun Public Land Setups In Michigan with Trevor Petroskey

On this episode I sit down with Northern Michigan native Trevor Petroskey to talk about his season last year when he decided to go all run and gun setups on public land in Michigan. His goal was to fill both of his buck tags before Michigan's gun season. We dive in to the equipment he uses and the tactics he employs for summer scouting, early season hunting and rut hunting. Lastly, we have a winner for the Ramcat original broadheads so stay tuned until the end of the podcast to see if you won.

EP 5 | Fixed Blade Broadheads from Ramcat

Fixed blades it is. On this episode,  I sit down with Lucas Mashtare—the marketing manager of Arcus Hunting—and we break down all the broadheads that Ramcat has to offer. We dive in to what makes these fixed blade broadheads the most lethal, best penetrating and most accurate broadheads on the market. This is one you don’t want to miss. Bonus: We are giving away a pack of Ramcat original broadheads! Make sure to listen to the podcast to find out how to enter the drawing. 

EP 4 | Kasey Thren of Complete Deer Management Talks Property Management For Whitetails

Happy Memorial Day Everyone. On today's Podcast I talk with Kasey Thren the owner of Complete Deer Management. Kasey goes in depth on the services he provides his clients from a property management side and lastly he hits on things you could be doing on your property right now to prepare for the fall.

EP 3 | Michigan Native Alec Faber Talks Fitness and Harvesting His Biggest Buck To Date On Opening Day

On this episode of The Fall Podcast, I sit down with Alec Faber and learn how his passion for fitness inspired him to turn a 9-hole golf course into an outdoor fitness playground. We also dive into details about the Quality Deer Management Association in Michigan. Alec rounds out the podcast with his story of how he killed his biggest buck to date on the most unexpected of days.

EP 2 | Midwest Whitetail Producer Justin Fabian On Killing His Biggest Buck To Date

On this episode of The Fall Podcast, I sit down with Midwest Whitetail Producer Justin Fabian to talk about his job transition from New York to Iowa. We also jump into some of the shows produced by Midwest Whitetail and discuss the details of the post-production process. Justin also details his epic hunt in Saskatchewan last year, where he killed his biggest buck to date.

EP 1 | Podcast Introduction

On this episode of The Fall Podcast we explain what the podcast will consist of and I talk a little bit about Turkey season and Whitetail preparation. Enjoy! - superior podcast hosting.

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